Monday, 6 January 2014

Trundling along

Strange post title I know but basically I feel like I'm trundling along, but enjoying the journey. I was off work for a few weeks, my options were few due to recovery after surgery. Lay on one side or stand, no strenuous activity - bending or lifting. What's a girl to do...

Turn this

Into this. It only shows a five by five layout - all blocks are made to make it seven by seven but couldn't fit it next to the Christmas tree.  I'm creating the borders using Bonnie's leader and tail end method while joining the blocks together. Sewing is the slowest part as I can't sit for too long. For those that may look close at the photo, don't panic I also noticed that I had turned a couple of my blocks the wrong way - after a little use of the seam ripper tool, all my pink squares are now heading in the same direction LOL.
I've really enjoyed this mystery quilt "Celtic Solstice" and can't thank Bonnie enough for her generosity and time in putting this out there for all of us to enjoy. I've learnt many new sewing techniques and made many new blocks, I'm usually a square or rectangle person so this has broadened my experience, Thankyou.

Hopefully I'll have the flimsy finished in time for the link-up in February.

Take a look at what other colour and layout alternatives people have been doing. They are beautiful and creative - HERE

Happy Sewing


Jo said...

Nice colours

Vireya said...

Nice to see someone else from Melbourne in Bonnie's link-up!

Your colours look lovely.

QueenB said...

Jen, nice colour choice.
Its comming together well.

Quiltgypsy said...

Your colors are wonderfully subtle. I am eager to get mine done just to see how it turns out. Did you have any idea the mystery would turn out this beautiful when you chose your colors? Great job!

Jennifer said...


Darlene Contadino said...

This really did turn out nice. Love the colors too.

Maddy said...

Looking great as always Jennifer your colors are so subtle and pretty.