Saturday, 25 January 2014

A productive day

Getting back into the exercise regime, I was at the pool by 7:30am for aqua aerobics - a wonderful start to the day followed by a well earned latte - nice.

Then Bruce and the girls harvested our nectarine trees laden with fruit. I thought I would just do two batches, so love my vacola kit inherited from my mother in law a couple of years ago. Just added some lemon juice and peel into each jar with water - no added preservatives.

Ended up doing four batches. so 28 bottles later...

these will be wonderful with yoghurt - we've already taste tested a bottle, while still warm. According to Ruth - yum, so it's a winner.
While these were underway I had the slow cooker on with Ham Honey Citrus - a great recipe from Stephanie O'Dea 'A year of slow cooking' blog. I've done this recipe before, quick and easy to prepare - I just use the small smoked hams, without the bone - big enough to feed eight, so great for two nights. Whipped up a potato salad and girls made a lovely green salad.
Will now spend a peaceful evening on the couch doing some hand sewing.
It's been a great day after a challenging week.
Happy sewing everyone.

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Maddy said...

You certainly had a productive day. Hope you manage to get plenty of sewing done tonight.