Monday, 9 December 2013

Teacher's gift and some purchases

Thought you'd like to see what I made this year for Ruth's teacher.

I believe this stitchery is a Gail Pan design which she had on her blog a while ago as a freebie. I just thought it was so cute.

The little handmade button came from Shabby Shack, an online Australian store which has the most gorgeous bits and pieces. I get a daily email from them with some great deals.

Today my DH and I went to Lilydale to check out a shed, it's finally coming together. So naturally while there we visited the Stitch N Patch shop, I had a lovely browse while the better half took a look across the road in the Antique shop.

Don't know who got the better deal - I picked up some lovely bits n pieces including the little redwood hanger for this stitchery while DH walked in with 'another' vintage Singer - boy did that cause a few laughs in the shop - I have to admit that it is quite cute.

It's an 1881 Singer New Family, basically complete - just missing a bobbin winder and treadle stand, but I'm sure that won't be an issue - which usually means that there is another one already in our possession which will complete it.

We then had a restful afternoon. I'm tiring easily at the moment.

Now the girls are decorating the Christmas tree while I relax and listen to some cds of Christmas songs - lovely.

Happy sewing


Christine M said...

Jennifer. Are you okay? That's two posts in three days! LOL! Your stitchery is lovely. That design of Gail's is just lovely.

Jennifer said...

I did think that myself - maybe I should have scheduled it to appear six months from now 😃
Been home for two weeks recovering, and finally got the energy to start back with life. Will do more stitcheries, just enjoy the process. Cheers Jen