Saturday, 7 December 2013

My treasures

I know I'm biased, being their Mum, but I'm ever so proud of my girls, but also amazed at how quickly they are growing. Ruth is going into Grade 4 next year and Grace starts Prep. I know we all say it, but, 'Where does the time go?'

This year I decided I'd do my own Christmas photo, and just love how they turned out. Thanks goes to my Mum for having the tree ready to go, and also to the girls for their patience, just to get the right shot.

Another milestone this year was Bruce turning 50. I had intentions of making him a lovely quilt. It's still more like a table runner LOL. Maybe it will be finished for his 60th. Oh well, it is my favourite take along project.

Well what is a girl to do if one present doesn't go to plan - buy the next best thing - yep, I bought him a 1949 FX Holden, and today we spent a lovely day in the Yarra ranges having a quiet picnic with the girls. Perfect weather - I'm now a little tired and sore, as I'd had surgery earlier this week, and will now need to rest some more, had thought the fresh air and sunshine might help.

Well I hope I can blog again before Christmas, if not please have a safe and happy Christmas, sneak a little sewing in and I will catch up in the New Year.

Happy in sewing, Jennifer


Maddy said...

What a lovely posts. I cannot believe how fast your girls are growing. Where has all the time gone. What a great gift for Bruce enjoy.

Christine M said...

Lovely photo of the girls Jennifer. I can't believe Grace will be starting school!