Sunday, 11 August 2013

Hint's been a while

Yes I have been EXTREMELY slack - spending more time lurking and enjoying everyone else's creativity and putting no time at all into my own blog.

Though of late I have been busy - more on that later - hopefully.

First of all and most importantly - A HUGE thankyou to Maddy of "Woomba Woomba". It was fantastic to catch up last week at the annual NOTYQ Guild Retreat and spend four days with you.

The girl's think you are Number 1 - we have been playing snakes and ladders all week - we are all in on the act, trying to beat Grace. She is canny though - moves up the rows instead of across, got to watch her.

The quilt is fantastic Maddy - the following image is stolen from your site, just to show others how talented you are. It's a great idea and we are all having a lot of fun out of it.

I actually managed to finish two quilt tops and a scarf over the weekend, but I'll post about those later - not as late as this has been, promise.

 Thanks Maddy also for the knitted slippers - the girls tried to get them too, but I've been wearing them, even at night so they haven't had a chance.

Will get a photo of those too and put them up here - they are great.

It was lovely to see you Maddy and look forward to your next visit.

Cheers Jennifer


Christine M said...

The quilt Maddy made the girls is gorgeous. I've been living in my slippers too! Aren't they so warm! Glad to see you back. xx

Maddy said...

Well Hello, Glad to see you back in Blog land. Thank you for your very kind comments. Really enjoyed my time on retreat. Glad you and the girls are enjoying the quilt and slippers. My luggage was a tad over weight but lucky for me the very nice let me through. My lovely quilts returned with me. Will catch you up in two years times. Keep stitch'n.