Monday, 10 September 2012

Every 8 months - achievements and gifts

My posting is becoming almost yearly - apologies to those that drop by to see what's going on here. Lots of things are happening, it just seems that the daily job "which pays for the crafting" is getting in the way, LOL.

Anyway - here's an achievement - I've finished the first row of Bruce's quilt - I'm quite pleased with the effect, and enjoying the process immensely - there is something very calming about hand piecing.
However with just a little over 12 months before the big birthday, I'm getting a little worried that it may not be finished in time. Time will tell.

Huge hugs and thanks to Maddy of "Woomba Woomba" for making these beautiful gifts for Grace and Ruth. Two beautiful pillowcases, two treasure bags - now with all sorts of things in them and the beautiful journal cover which Ruth is writing all her "secrets" in. They were absolutely delighted in receiving a parcel in the post, just for them. Two happy girls.

Also one happy Mum - thankyou for the lovely scarf, it has been commented on by all at work - and keeps my neck nice and warm on the bus trip in. Thankyou, and I'm sure all the NOTYQ girls agree, that we missed you at Retreat - hopefully you can visit next year.

Happy sewing, and I hope it won't be another 8 months before I blog again


Christine M said...

Welcome back Jennifer! What lovely gifts from Maddy. The girls look very pleased with them.

Melody said...

Fabulous to hear what you have been up to.

Maddy said...

Glad to see the girls so happy enjoying their parcels. Your quit is coming along nicely.

Christine M said...

Hey Jennifer. It's another 8 months!