Sunday, 10 October 2010

Nappy Bag with Rosalie's Plastic coated Fabric

Finally found the right weather to photograph my nappy bag design. I fell in love with Rosalie Quinlan's first range of plastic coated fabrics and just had to make this nappy bag.

As you can see the outer bag serves as the change mat - using magnetic clasps to attach to the bag - the change mat can come right off when baby becomes too big for the simple lay-out. But at 18 months, shown below, Grace still fits the bag, but she is a little tot - still under the 10kg mark.

It is being kindly modelled by Grace at 18 months and husband, who is quite happy to carry it to basketball games. It works extremely well, and carries so much guff. With daughter number one I seemed to carry a multitude of bags but with this one I can carry nappies and assorted extra bits n pieces, as well as a change of clothes, and food snacks in a little lunch bag.
The little boxes are great, and I did make them to sit side by side in the bag - removable to use in the baby room - but they now belong in the bathroom top draw for hair clips and slides - another great use, fit perfectly.

The great thing about this plastic coated fabric is that you can wipe it clean, fantastic.

Just a couple of hits when working with this type of fabric - minimize the use of the iron, low heat or use a applique ironing mat with it and the walking foot works great, I had minimal sticking issues.

Thanks Rosalie for such a beautiful range, with a practical use.
Happy sewing everyone. Jennifer


QueenB said...

Does he want a man bag in the same print??
The bag look great and the little boxes are good. Warning they will need more of these when they get older....

Christine M said...

Bruce, your hat goes so well with the bag! Little Grace is such a sweetie. It's been some time since I've seen her. I can't believe she's 18 months old now.