Saturday, 10 October 2009

NOTYQ Quilt Exhibition 2009

Well hello everyone,

This morning I had the joy of taking my four year old daughter Ruth with me to our Quilt Exhibition. I was delighted to be able to take a photo of her with her quilt and with Anita - who quilted it for me.

Shows Ruth with her Quilt

Shows Me, Ruth and Anita

Would have loved to have taken lots more photos but a four year old doesn't like to stand still long enough for mummy to take photos of "other peoples quilts". Stay tuned to the NOTYQ Blog for a showcase of quilts - hoping to get photos next Thursday...but here is one at least - beautifully done black cross stitch

Keep an eye on the NOTYQ Blog - I'll get more photos there soon - Happy Sewing

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Anonymous said...

fantastic!!!! wish i could have been there with you. my quilt will be there with anita tommorrow on display with her wonderful quilting on it. looking forward to seeing all the photos.