Sunday, 31 January 2010

My daughters first time...and only five years old

Well this is just too exciting - Ruth, with her own Singer sewing machine - first time sewing.
Isn't gingham just wonderful for the first timer - just follow the lines.

Ruth has made a very simple bag out of a tea towel - and so I'll enter her in Jenny's tea towel challenge. This is a bag for her insect capturing equipment, simple design for a five year old. All I had to do was monitor the sewing and add the pins. She loved the pins so I put in lots so she could remove them.

The singer sewing machine was an Ebay purchase by Bruce - designed for children. All she had to do was turn the wheel and it sews - fantastic, and with more experience we will add batteries and she can turn it on and off to sew.
I'm such a proud mum. - Happy Sewing everyone, Jennifer


Libster said...

whhoooo hooooo!!! way to go Ruthie!!!

Well done Jennifer on the start of a career in textiles!! Im sure with such a clever mum she will do very very well!

Christine M said...

You look like a professional Ruthie! You've done a great job on your bag. Mum will have to watch her stash in the future!

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

How exciting!

Well done Ruth.

Cath Ü said...

Well done Ruthie you have done a terrific job..... I love your bag...
Cath Ü