Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Today - a large delivery

Finally the shed has arrived today.

Big excitement and a big truck delivers, the shed. It was so much fun for the kids to watch a crane lift all the shed parts up and over our gates. The driveway was too narrow to fit the truck inside.

This is how the yard looked at the beginning of August.

How it all looked before...

Bobcat removes the old concrete and excavates the site

The concrete getting laid for the new shed

Base for the new shed and a lovely new driveway and path

My pedestrian path through the fence, love this new access

The garage arrives - now it gets assembled, with my lovely rose garden behind, re-landscaped by Bruce and I last weekend.

Enjoying my new yard -lots more fun in the garden to come.

Hope everyone is well.
Cheers Jennifer


Libster said...

looking good!!!

felicity said...

Hi - I don't have your email. The site is I got the $30/kg pack. You have to wait a few weeks.