Sunday, 8 January 2012

Idea - NOTYQ Sit n Sew day with the kids

I happily mentioned at the last NOTYQ Guild meeting that we should have a "bring along a child day - one of your own, at least one you know" hee, hee. The idea was to take advantage of our extra sewing day in March.

This idea has been brewing for a few years, and personally I'd like to take the opportunity of some more time with Ruth and the sewing machine.

The concept is to prepare a project, based on the child's level of skill - and only you would know this. 
Image courtesy of  Stumbles and Stitches Blog

I personally will be aiming to do the following project with Ruth - while there is a bit of top stitching involved, it is relatively straight forward, and obviously I am there to assist her. It is a reversible roll-up tote bag.

I also think it is achieveable in the day, if cutting out is done before hand.

I'd love feedback on this tutorial that I found on the Internet - Jenny from "Stumbles and Stitches" has some wonderful patterns, and this one caught my eye. Ruth is only 7, but I think it's a good starter, she has done some sewing - a bag made from a tea towel - see an earlier post from when she was 5.

I'm hoping there is enough interest from the group - if not I'm happy to do it with Ruth, in March, anyway.

Are there other patterns you could recommend? Especially if you feel I'm overextending Ruth's abilities with this one - I don't want to turn her off sewing ;-)

Happy sewing,


Jenny Bartoy said...

Hi Jennifer! Thank you for linking to my roll-up tote tutorial. I'm so pleased you're thinking of making it with your daughter.

I think it's a pretty good project for a brand new sewist: all straight lines!! She'll be able to practice pinning, sewing straight and around corners, and pressing her seams, and to learn basic construction since there is a lining. And then she or someone she knows can use the bag -- and that is the best feeling in the world!

I think the elastic part might be a bit tricky, as well as pinning the handles in the proper spots, but you can help her with those parts and otherwise it should be straightforward!

Let me know if I can help with anything or if you have any questions. If you decide to go ahead with this project, I can't wait to hear about the resulting experience and finished bag! Good luck!

Maddy said...

I happen to think this is a great idea. If there is one adult to one child.
Maybe if others don't have a child in the age bracket you decide on, they could assist someone else who may have two children willing to come along.
Children need encouragement to express their creativity. So call in all those Grannies.