Monday, 4 July 2011

Our new addition - Zoe

Good evening all, I know it has been an absolute age, but not a lot has occurred of late on the sewing front. Though we did gain a new addition to the Csorba household over this weekend.

This is DD2 - Grace, checking her out - down at her level.

And here she is - our gorgeous Zoe, a ragdoll cat, with beautiful chocolate coloured points.

It's been great fun keeping track of her just in the kitchen. Soon she'll be let loose in the loungeroom - then free range.

Naturally the girls are delighted - and surprisingly gentle.

Ruth is spending lots of time playing, and Grace - well she's two and very inquisitive - quiet isn't in her vocabularly, Zoe will just have to get used to this little person yelling Cat and Zoe interchangeably.

Great choice of name by Ruth - purrfect...

Happy sewing to all - enjoy the school holidays, those with little ones.


Christine M said...

I heard a rumour that there was a new addition to your family! Zoe is very cute. The girls will have so much fun with her. Hugs, Christine

Claire -Matching Pegs said...

How exciting Jennifer.

Just the perfect distraction on the winter school holidays, when it is harder to amuse the kids.