Friday, 4 March 2011

T Model Fabric - what a find

Good evening fellow sewers and quilters, previously on my blog I mentioned I'd found this wonderful fabric in America with T Model Ford cars on it - and as my DH is a collector of these lovely cars, and we attend many car rallies throughout the year with our daughters, I naturally had to buy a bolt or two - yes you have heard correctly - a bolt or two :-) couldn't resist.

So what do you do with "that much fabric" - well of course clothing for DH and DD1 and DD2. They were all proud to show off their new outfits.

Naturally I didn't wish to feel left out so I designed myself a "rally handbag" - measuring my purse and wanting external pockets on both sides for our mobile phones - it has worked a treat - I think I could have sold a few of these on the last rally, amazing.

Now for the leftover - well DH has a significant birthday in a few years time so I have time to put together a lovely handmade quilt. I'll keep you posted to it's developments.

Happy Sewing, Jennifer


Mad Quilter Maddy said...

Your bag looks wonderful, you should write up a pattern. Or do a tutorial. I know l would make one. Love the matching family clothing also. The girls look so cute.

Christine M said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the quilt (and seeing you too!). Seems so long since we last caught up. Hugs, Christine

Nancy Rosenthal said...

is there anyway you can let me know where to find this model t fabric? thanks, nancy.rosenthal