Friday, 26 February 2010

The Year of "Stash Busting"

While my friends are UFO Busting I have decided that this is the year for Stash Busting. Gifts for friends and family will be made from fabrics in my stash. This way I can justify new lovelies in 2011.

Well I have splurged a little when the Fat Quarter Lady visited the guild last Saturday, but when fat quarters are AUD$2.50, well!!!

Plus as a friend pointed out I have left a pretty major loophole in my resolution - it doesn't mean I can't purchase threads, notions, bag accessories etc, etc, etc hee hee.

Anyway here is stash buster number one - my birthday gift to Debby back in January... Based on a pattern in the Moda Bakeshop Blog  - this blog has some fantastic pattern ideas, including the instructions - I can see some future projects here. I am relatively pleased with how this has turned out - the piecing went quickly and I even attempted to use my BSR foot and do three flowers. Even managed an unintentional curved corner - I tried to do a 1 inch binding but couldn't get the corners to mitre correctly - I'll get it right eventually.

Happy Sewing, Jennifer

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Libster said...

hmm didnt know about that loophole!! you are doing very well with the stash busting, I have come to a standstill on my ufos BUT then work gets in my way:(