Friday, 11 December 2009

Tips for using laminated cottons

Sorry I've been so quiet of late - but we've been down south for a couple of weeks - Tasmania. Just not long enough, so much to see. We definitely need to go back. The girls loved it. Grace slept through most of it and Ruth just loved the walks we went on.


Ever since seeing Rosalie Quinlans laminated range/collection of Grandmothers Garden I have been inspired with so many ideas for using it. Checkout Rosalie's blog for many ideas...

This morning I came across this blog and was most impressed with the tips and hints for working with this style of fabric. So much so that I wanted you all to see it too - here is the link to the blog "Pink Chalk Studio" and the actual article. I'm hoping to get some time in January to finish a project I wanted to do months ago with this fabric - hopefully you will all see some photos soon.

Happy Sewing, Jennifer

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