Friday, 28 August 2009

I won

Hello everyone - just wanted to let you all know that "I WON" - I am so excited, I left a comment on a blog site "Natalie Ross in Stitches" in the hope of winning a beautiful bag pattern and I WON. Thank you so much to Natalie, this is wonderful.

Here is the picture of the pattern -

and here is my name to prove it - held by Moishe from the book "Where the wild things are" - loved that book as a child as well -

Now I plan to make this library bag for Ruth and Grace - I'll enjoy shopping for the fabrics and choosing two colourways - so much fun.

Happy sewing, Jennifer

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Natalie Ross said...

Thankyou for the link Jennifer. I shall do the same for you when I post next. Your girls are truly beautiful. You must be so proud. I can see them both with their bags swinging from their shoulders. Perhaps Ruth's shoulder and Grace's high chair. LOL! 8-)

Natalie 8-)